Quality Assisted Living Facility Near DeLand, FL

Monastery Oaks is a residential assisted living facility in the DeLand area that has quite a lot to offer. Our personalized living assistance is provided by an engaging and attentive staff that goes above and beyond to make residents feel comfortable and at home. Ten private and semi-private suites are thoughtfully outfitted to provide peace-of-mind and a sense of worry free well-being for all of our live-in occupants. Moreover, our beautifully decorated living and dining areas provide the same sense of comfort for our occasional overnighters or temporary day guests—who we welcome with open arms.

At Monastery Oaks we are anything but your average, oversized and understaffed, impersonal assisted living facility. In fact, with our clean, inviting domestic spaces and highly-qualified, likable staff, we are the exact opposite. When it comes to trusting the team at Monastery Oaks with the care of an individual, you can rest assured knowing that our living assistance is issued with the highest regard for the safety and welfare of our residents. In addition, we provide intellectual stimulation and companionship: factors that are highly important when it comes to superior adult care. So, if you’re looking for a quality assisted living facility in the DeLand area for your loved one, you have found a solution that will surely exceed your expectations. 

Since we opened our doors, the team at Monastery Oaks recognizes that each of our residents is unique; therefore, we coordinate our care with the recommendations and guidelines of their physician providers as well as their own specific personal preferences.  These measures ensure that our residents are as happy and healthy as they can possibly be. This tailor-made approach to assisted living may require a little more work and research; however, it’s more than worth the effort when our staff recognizes how pleased our residents are with their care.

The satisfaction of our residents and their families comes as no surprise when you consider the level of amenities offered at Monastery Oaks. These aspects really make our institution stand out when compared with other assisted living facilities in DeLand. For instance, it’s most people’s dream to have a personal chef within the home—yet at Monastery Oaks, it’s is an everyday reality. Furthermore, in addition to stimulating lectures and discussion groups, Monastery Oaks offers socially and culturally rich activities, cards and entertainment, gardening and crafts, planned local day trips, and exercise classes for a range of fitness levels.

Emphasizing a healthy body and mind contributes to much of the success we have with the happiness of each resident under our care. Pay us a visit and see, you simply won’t find a better assisted living facility in the DeLand area. Our motto says it all: at Monastery Oaks our residents are, “too blessed to be stressed.”

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