Choosing an Assisted Living Facility in Florida for an Aging Parent

Arriving at a point in life when you need to think about choosing an assisted living facility Florida has plenty of places to consider for aging parents. While this may be a difficult decision for some to make, it is an important one. Most elderly parents will feel more comfortable and adapt easier when the environment of an assisted living facility has the look and feel of a home rather than an institution. 

Monastery Oaks is an ideal assisted living facility in Orange City, Florida.  Its quiet and immaculate grounds are inviting.  Clean, spacious and well appointed suites and interior décor provides residents with the comforts and conveniences of home living without feeling alone.  A friendly, caring and professional staff caters to each resident’s individual needs and provides assistance with daily living, personal care and medications, for example.  

When you want the best assisted living facility in Florida for an aging parent, Contact us today and feel right at home.

At Monastery Oaks, we feel that all Florida assisted living facilities should provide thorough living assistance and adult care without robbing occupants of their quality of life.  Give us a call to schedule a tour today, 386-456-0049.

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