Monastery Oaks: The Best Residential Assisted Living Florida Has to Offer

Residential style assisted living is becoming quite a trend in Florida. Unlike some assisted living Florida institutions, residential living facilities offer a more homelike setting that does not feel overcrowded, uninviting or hospital-like. The problem with your everyday assisted living facility in Florida–and most other states–is that many of them are so focused on containing residents to their rooms and maximizing occupancy that they don’t take into account the specific lifestyles and personalities of their inhabitants.

At these institutions, life can become less joyful and often monotonous. Fortunately, residential assisted living at Monastery Oaks offers a small scale, homelike living experience that has an incredibly welcoming atmosphere.

Everyday we strive to cater to our residents’ individuality: from the meals they eat, to the activities we provide, to the rooms they sleep in. On top of that, our 10-resident, private assisted living facility in Florida is newly renovated. Our spaces are clean and beautifully decorated, providing our residents with an excellent quality of living—much like you would find in your own home.

As older Floridians lose the ability to preform daily tasks without risking their well-being and range of mobility, the time comes when family members or friends must start looking into the vast array of assisted living facilities Florida has to offer.

This process can be daunting because there are so many to choose from; however, you have to remember: assisted living should not drastically change the life of someone in need of assistance. In fact, at a quality Florida assisted living facility, the preferred daily schedules of residents should be worked into the mix. Although the décor might be different and more help will be on hand, residents should still feel at home and at peace. 

Monastery Oaks is a caring and conscientious residential Florida assisted living facility. We take pride in the fact that our residents feel at home and live everyday with something to look forward to, whether it’s sitting and relaxing in our tropical garden, eating a delicious meal in our beautifully decorated kitchen and dining area, or playing a lively game with great friends.

At Monastery Oaks, we feel that all Florida assisted living facilities should provide thorough living assistance and adult care without robbing occupants of their quality of life.  Give us a call to schedule a tour today, 386-456-0049.

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